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Introduce KCC Products.



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    KCC is at
    the forefront of the development
    of future technologies
    thanks to vigorous investment
    in highly-talented people and research facilities.

    KCC as a general chemical research institute conducts research into the fields of precision chemical engineering, ranging from Inorganic and organic materials to composite materials that include Inorganic and organic components. Its Central Research Institute (C.R.I) is strengthening its foundation for next-generation growth through research into developing materials such as new building materials, electric/electronic/semiconductor organic materials, and silicone.

    KCC is also strengthening its internal knowledge base in order to compete with the world's leading companies by concentrating its utmost efforts on the development of technology for future industries. These include nanomaterials, ceramic composite materials, and alternative energy. The aim is simple: “To become the world's leading precision chemical company”.

    Current research projects include

    • Organic/inorganic composite materials
      advanced functional materials
    • Inorganic materials
      21st century building materials and
      new materials
    • Organic materials
      special functional resins
      and the development
      of paint components

    The vision of the KCC Central Research Institute

    KCC places the utmost priority on customer value by delivering a quality product at a price that
    customers want, in a timely manner based on its 40-years worth of expertise in the field of chemical products
    for industrial and construction use.

    KCC creates
    value through
    a balance R&D
    between market
    -oriented R&D and
    strengthening customer
    -focused R&D
    nurturing highly
    -talented people