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    Multi-purpose Heat-resistant Paint “Sporthane Topcoat (Energy)”file
    update : 2017-04-12

    KCC has released a new product “Sporthane Topcoat (Energy)”, a high-performance paint that resists heat by reflecting sunlight. KCC Sporthane Topcoat (Energy) is a heatresistant paint that prevents a rise in internal temperature by being applicable to the building roof or outside. This product has the feature of reducing cooling and heating expenses by blocking heat transfer into the inside of the building, as it reflects most of the infrared sunlight (the main cause of heat generation and temperature rise) and reduces thermal heat build-up. (KCC has significantly improved the heat-resistant performance of the paint through continuous research on Sporthane Topcoat (Energy) and proprietary technical skills.)

    Another characteristic and strength of this product is that it can be applied to various places regardless of the material. For example, it can be applied to concrete, steel, wood, and aluminum. For this reason, it’s expected that this product can give vital help to installing energy-saving facilities. The product can be used in various areas spanning from households to commercial facilities, such as the roof of general buildings including office building, apartment house, shopping district, nursery facilities, aged care centers, and schools as well as various storage tanks, outdoor facilities, and factory roof. In addition, its excellent workability enables the user to paint with brushes, sprayers, and rollers. Smooth surface area after painting ensures excellent appearance.

    Release of Sporthane Topcoat (Energy) on this occasion is meaningful in that a highperformance product is developed that keeps pace with social issues regarding building energy saving, based on the best paint technology in Korea. KCC is set to lead the construction paint market with high-performance products that reflect consumers’ needs, together with paints having strong anti-fouling properties without any heavy metals and concern for mold, such as Sensemel Gold and Durasense released last January.

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