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    2nd High performance ceramic exhibitionfile
    update : 2017-04-10
    KCC demonstrated the technology for high performance ceramic fiber and ceramic for the vehicle and industry at the “2nd High performance ceramic exhibition” held in Tokyo, Japan, from April 5 to 7. The high performance ceramic exhibition introduces high-performance materials such as thermal insulation materials, plastic, and film. 1,540 companies participated in the exhibition and around 67,000 persons visited the exhibition in just three days.

    The bio-ceramic fiber and power control market in Japan is expected to grow and accordingly, KCC is putting spurs on based on its KCC’s outstanding technology.

    At the exhibition, KCC displayed ceramic fiber, thermal insulation materials, vehicle relay (ceramic for electricity and electronics), industrial magnetron, medical reflector, high strength AIN, Si3N4, and ZTA substrate with a focus on the strength of the ceramic substrate and heat radiation solution and technology. KCC also conducted sales promotion for many customers with a focus on new customers, by emphasizing that KCC can provide a power module integrated solution such as adhesives, films, and semiconductor VIPs. KCC seized the opportunity to understand various molding techniques, ceramic materials, and product technology, by doing market research on the areas including Japan. KCC also could experience the highperformance product technology such as bio-ceramic for energy, vehicle, and medical treatment, by participating in the ceramic industry conference.

    KCC has prepared a booth to establish a foothold in the Japanese market in contemplation of increased demand on bio-ceramic fiber.

    The size of ceramic fiber market in Japan was 23,000 tons in 2015 which is 53% bigger than the total domestic market. Furthermore, demand in Japan is expected to grow steadily as the Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced the rules in 2015 that recommends the use of bio-ceramic fiber.

    KCC exhibited bio-ceramic fiber, mineral wool, and Glass Wool Nature which attracted customer’s attention with a new Japanese customer making actual orders for KCC’s bio-ceramic fiber. Following the exhibition, KCC will accelerate entry into the ceramic fiber market in Japan and in the long term, KCC will consolidate its position as a bio-ceramic fiber supplier in Japan, and promote secondary products, such as bioceramic-fiber, RCF, and EGIS BLOCK.
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