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    In-cosmetics Global 2017, Cosmetics raw materials exhibitionfile
    update : 2017-04-06

    In-cosmetics Global held in Europe every year is the largest specialized exhibition for cosmetics raw materials. About 800 cosmetics raw materials manufacturers in 45 countries have participated in the exhibition, including silicone manufacturers and global chemicals manufacturers. The exhibition provides the latest information on cosmetics raw materials and manufacturing equipment to worker of 9,000 industry throughout the world, and share various industry news.

    The exhibition was held from April 4 to 6 in London this year, and the world’s leading silicone manufacturer Dow Corning, Shinetsu, Wacker, Momentive(MPM), and global chemical product manufacturer BASF, DSM, and Lubrizol have joined the exhibition. It was particularly noteworthy that large raw materials Korean manufacturers like CJ N’gredient and SK Bioland have also participated. 780 cosmetics raw materials manufacturers in 45 countries participated in the exhibition have provided the latest information, various regulations, and R&D solutions about raw materials for cosmetics, research facility, and test equipment.

    As in the last year, KCC has exhibited and introduced 27 silicone samples for personal care and 22 formula of application cosmetics. KCC was able to gain a vital foothold for establishing a relationship with global cosmetic manufacturers, as many large size European cosmetics companies have visited the KCC booth. The corporate image was strengthened by showing the preemptive way that KCC responds to changes in the global regulations related to cosmetics, by releasing the product that doesn’t contain MIT (Methylisothiazolinone) or CMIT (Methylchloroisothiazolinone), and D4,D5 reduced product.

    The greatest reward of this exhibition is that KCC has discussed with Chanel, the top global luxury goods supplier, regarding cooperation such as purchasing of KCC products in the future. Besides, many global cosmetics companies showed interest in KCC products by visiting the booth again, such as Pierre Fabre (number 1 pharmacy and cosmetics manufacturer in Europe), Intercos USA, and Revlon (USA). In addition, Italian and Russian customers have requested KCC to hold the KCC Beauty seminar for their local cosmetics manufacturers, which proved that the sales promotion strategy that associating “K-Beauty” with KCC products gained a lot as a result.

    Based on these achievements, KCC will position itselfas a global cosmetics raw materials supplier by developing the product line and formula that fits cosmetics market trends.

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