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    DOMOTEX Asia 2017, Accelerating its Penetration of the Global Marketfile
    update : 2017-03-22

    The largest global flooring material expo in the Asia-Pacific region ‘DOMOTEX Asia’ was held in Shanghai, China from March 21 to March 23. 1,350 companies from over 40 countries took part in the exhibition, which celebrates its 19th anniversary this year, showcasing PVC flooring materials, carpets and wood flooring materials that reflect global trends. More than 50,000 customers and spectators from over 110 countries visited the venue, while flooring material companies, experts and spectators from around the world shared their latest trends in flooring materials and information on new products with one another.

    KCC participated in the expo for the second year running, publicizing its flooring brands and products targeting the global market, and concentrated on securing distribution channels in the Chinese market and new customers in North and South America, Southeast Asia and Europe.

    Also, as a PVC flooring material specialist, KCC publicized the technology-intensive PVC flooring materials for exports, and flooring materials for residences, businesses, buses, ships and hospitals.

    The exhibited products include the Wood Collection, environmentally-friendly PVC residential 2.2T~6.0T flooring materials, the commercial flooring materials BASTA, ROSTA, CONSTA 200 and MASTA PRO for exports to China and North America, the Sense Long F for ships, the Sense Tone Multi for buses, and the flooring material for hospitals MEDIFLOOR. Customers had the highest preference for the new products for exports, released in January 2017, BASTA (2.0T) and ROSTA (3.0T). In the voice of the customer, They are premium design products with excellent colors.” CONSTA 200 (2.0T) is a pattern that visitors from China, America and Southeast Asia preferred the most and have favorably reviewed. They said, “It has excellent quality, and expressed a concrete pattern very realistically.” Customers, especially from China, made a deluge of requests for consultation. They were also highly interested in the environmentally-friendly product concept, such as the Hinoki cypress oil of the Wood Collection (2.2T~6.0T), and various environmentallyfriendly test reports. As for the commercial flooring material LVT “Sense Tile” loose lay and click type, KCC received many requests and inquiries from buyers with regard to quotations and sample books.

    KCC integrated the characteristics of environmentallyfriendly flooring material into the exhibition theme. All residential PVC flooring materials were the first in Korea to contain Hinoki cypress oil, and acquired the Korea Atopy Association (KAA) mark. KCC emphasized that the substances causing the sick house syndrome formaldehyde and Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) emissions are below the reference values. With healthy and environmentally-friendly construction materials also drawing public attention in China, the environmentally-friendliness of KCC’s flooring materials have attracted a great deal of interest.

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