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Introduce KCC Products.


    Window Materials

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    Superior functionality and quality
    Window Materials
    Since 1993, KCC has been providing excellent widow materials. Partnership with Germany’s Plusplan, a global window manufacturer, has further enhanced KCC’s plastic window materials. Using its own unique technology, KCC has improved the quality of its raw and ancillary materials. KCC’s window materials are slim and demonstrate excellent functionality and quality.
    KCC PVC window materials have excellent heat and sound insulation and are air-and water-tight. They account for 60 to 70 percent of Europe’s window material market and more than 40 percent of Korea’s window material market.


    Pleasant Indoor Environments through Excellent Sound Absorption

    KCC Window Materials are welded air-tight, minimizing the amount of air between gaps. Glass thickness can also be increased upon request to further reduce outside noise.

    Highly Resistant to Bad Weather

    KCC Window Materials are impervious to rain since they are welded and its window frames and sills overlap. In addition, our wind pressure resistance has been strengthened by using steel reinforcement to prevent orientation changes during installation. They are highly resistant to salt, acid, alkali, and toxic gases due to the materials’ excellent corrosion resistance that holds up in any environment.

    Sophistication and Beauty

    KCC Window Materials create a sophisticated and elegant indoor environment through our highly weather-resistant wood-pattern film. They are also uniquely designed for optimum stability and come in a variety of colors.

    Easy to Open, Shut, and Install

    Since KCC windows all have their own runners and rails, even those with heavy, sealed insulating glass can be opened and shut smoothly. The horizontal and vertical alignment can be easily adjusted, too, since a height-adjusting door roller is used on large-scale windows.