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Introduce KCC Products.


    Organic Silicone

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    KCC Corporation is the first new entrant into the global organic silicone market for over 25 years. Bringing chemical process and application expertise from its existing businesses KCC Corporation has quickly established itself as a world leader. As a fully integrated organic silicone manufacturer, whose starting point is the transformation of silicon metal and methyl chloride to chlorosilanes, the building block of all organic silicones, KCC Corporation delivers a wide range of polymers and formulated products for a variety of end-uses.

    RTV(Room Temperature Vulcanization)


    RTV-1 is one-component room temperature vulcanizing silicone that cures to silicone rubber on exposure to atmospheric moisture at room temperature. Most RTV-1 products are condensation cure type producing three types of by-products, acetic acid, oxime, and alkoxy. RTV-1 gives excellent adhesion to most substrates without primers. Also, it offers outstanding weather-ability assuring semi-permanent use and excellent heat resistance from -50℃ to 200℃. With its excellent electrical properties, RTV-1 is used primarily as an adhesive, sealing and coating material for various industries.


    RTV-2 is two-component and heat curing silicone. Depending on its curing mechanism, two types of RTV-2 are available, a condensation cure type and an addition cure type. The addition cure type is more common. It is capable of deep section cure; its cure rate can be controlled. RTV-2 has some unique features including excellent electrical insulation, heat and cold resistance, weather-ability, and shock absorption. These special characteristics will suit the rising demand for a higher level of electrical properties and heat stability - assuring reliability and quality of the finished products. RTV-2 is used primarily as an electrical insulating and potting materials for electrical and electronics components, vacuum casting molds and various forming molds.


    KCC silicone adhesive series gives excellent adhesion to most substrates without primers. KCC adhesive series offers outstanding weather-ability assuring semi-permanent use and excellent heat resistance from -50℃ to 200℃.


    KCC potting materials are two components systems offering protection for sensitive components against external influences and harsh environmental conditions. Further features are water-repellency and excellent electric strength, insulation resistance, dielectric strength, and tracking resistance. Also, KCC potting materials dampen mechanical vibrations excellently.


    The organic and inorganic structure of KCC silicone coating series provides exceptional properties and superlative protection for sensitive electronic components against external influences, reducing mechanical thermal stress, but improving electronic insulation. The series also gives excellent adhesion to most common electronic components.

    TIM(Thermal Interface Material)

    KCC thermal management materials confer optimized thermally conductive characteristics to permanently higher operating temperature systems. KCC thermal management series also performs an effective dual role-dissipating the heat of the device to the heat sink and forming a firm and flexible mechanical bond.

    MMR(Mold Making Rubber)

    KCC mold making rubbers are two component systems offering excellent reproduction of the original. KCC MMR series impart high resistance to various reproduction materials, long-term durability, and outstanding flexibility and release properties.

    LED Material

    KCC LED materials provide not only superior heat and UV stability but also outstanding transparency-enhancing durability and performance level of the LEDs and protecting the semiconductor chip against external influences. KCC LED materials portfolio offers LED encapsulant, silicone reflector, die attach, and adhesive.

    Contact Person

    Ms.Angie Chung 82-2-3480-8584 / Contant Person
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