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Introduce KCC Products.


    Organic Silicone

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    KCC Corporation is the first new entrant into the global organic silicone market for over 25 years. Bringing chemical process and application expertise from its existing businesses KCC Corporation has quickly established itself as a world leader. As a fully integrated organic silicone manufacturer, whose starting point is the transformation of silicon metal and methyl chloride to chlorosilanes, the building block of all organic silicones, KCC Corporation delivers a wide range of polymers and formulated products for a variety of end-uses.
    Silicone rubber is a rubber compound that combines both organic and inorganic properties, its main ingredients are high-purity silica and silicone oil. This product is resistant to heat, cold, oil, resin and chemicals, it is flame retardant, gas-proof, biologically inactive and has excellent electrical properties which cannot be found in other organic rubbers. It is widely used in all industries including office equipment, automotive, foods and leisure products, as well as in the electric and electronics industries.

    General purpose for Molding

    General forming silicone rubber is heat -curing silicone rubber widely used for molding in various industries. This product is excellent in roll workability and mold release and comes in hardness of 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80. It is used for various applications on account of its excellent rebound resilience and mechanical properties.

    General purpose for Extruding

    General purpose extruding silicone rubber is an extruding silicone rubber compound with hardness of 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 and is designed to facilitate mixing of fillers and additives. These products have excellent processing, transparency and mechanical properties, and products with various hardness levels can be created by properly mixing each product.

    Low hardness

    This product is a low hardness silicone rubber compound which has hardness 9±3(Shore A) in the cured state. It can be used for manufacturing silicone rubber products having medical or hardness adjust properties.

    High hardness

    This series are a high hardness silicone rubber compound which have hardness 90 (Shore A) in the cured state.

    High tear strength

    These products have excellent all-round mechanical properties including high tear strength and are used for applications requiring high reliability such as parts with complicated shapes, large molded parts, etc.

    High tear & thermostable

    This product have excellent all-round mechanical properties including high tear strength and thermostability

    High heat resistant

    This product has a heat resistant properties at high temperature and excellent mechanical properties.

    Steam resistant

    This product is used for various parts requiring steam resistance as well as excellent mechanical properties under high temperature and high pressure.

    Electrically conductive

    This product series are electrically conductive type heat cured compounds for press molding, which are peroxide curing.

    Thermally conductive

    SH6280U is thermal conductive silicone rubber for compression molding/extruding can be used for parts of electronic, electric and computer etc that are getting hotter when working.

    Flame retardant

    This product has flame retardant and electrical characteristics suitable for electric and electronic products as well as excellent mechanical properties and is widely used for anode caps of TV tubes and various products requiring flame retardant performance.


    Silicone rubber for universal cables is a compound for cable extrusion with hardness of 60 and 70. This product has excellent extrusion molding properties and can be used for cables in a wide temperature range.


    This product is a silicone rubber molding compound for high voltage insulator applications. Typical applications include suspension insulators, line posts, surge arrestors and terminations.

    Oil bleed

    This product gives good workability for sealing motor cable connectors because it creates a thin oil layer on the silicone rubber surface. This product also has excellent oil resistance and sealing performance.

    Besides, KCC are producing and selling various HTV silicone rubber like long life, high transparent , keypad purpose, sponge type etc. KCC HTV silicone can meet the nature and demand of industry. You can also visit our silicone website and find the product and data.

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