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Introduce KCC Products.


    Organic Silicone

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    KCC Corporation is the first new entrant into the global organic silicone market for over 25 years. Bringing chemical process and application expertise from its existing businesses KCC Corporation has quickly established itself as a world leader. As a fully integrated organic silicone manufacturer, whose starting point is the transformation of silicon metal and methyl chloride to chlorosilanes, the building block of all organic silicones, KCC Corporation delivers a wide range of polymers and formulated products for a variety of end-uses.

    Silane/Coupling Agent

    Silane and coupling agents are single molecular organosilicic compounds of silicon atoms combined with alkoxy, chlorine or alkyl groups. These materials are apt to hydrolyze in the air. Silane coupling agents are also called organic/non-organic compounds. Silane coupling agents contain a hydrolytic group reacting with non-organic materials (glass, metal, etc.) and an organic functional group chemically reacting with organic materials (various plastics). It couples organic materials with non-organic materials to improve mechanical strength, water resistance, adhesiveness, etc. Silane coupling agents are widely used for resins, glass fibers, paints, adhesives, primers, etc.

    Silicone Oil

    Silicone Oil is colorless, transparent, and odorless liquid. Depending on using applicants, silicone oil of various viscosities from low to high are available and it has excellent resistance of heat, cold, corrosion and few changes in viscosity under different temperature. Silicone oil is used in a wide variety of industries including mechanicals, electronics, chemicals, textiles, papers, construction, public works, and cosmetics.

    Release Agent

    Silicone release agent is harmless, chemically stable, and capable of using in wide temperature range. Thus, it is widely used for most of the molding parts in a variety of industries such as rubbers, plastics, metals and foods.

    Water Repellent

    Silicone water repellents performs surface repellency and reduction of spall due to freeze-thaw and efflorescence, which result in increasing the life of the substrate of brick, clay, stone, concrete, and mortar.


    Silicone antifoam eliminates foam in most liquids with a minimum input quantity and prevents the formation of foam persistently.

    Textile Softener

    Silicone for textile softener significantly enhance softness and smoothness of textile and improve sewing properties by increasing abrasion resistance and wear resistance of textile.

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