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Introduce KCC Products.


    Insulation Materials

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    Beautiful Colors and Designs

    Sense Doors create a smooth and soothing indoor environment through distinctive textures and colors. Each of their natural wood patterns exude natural beauty.


    ABS Door’s Characteristics

    Natural Wood Patterns
    Various wood patterns can be reproduced since it uses PVC moldable ABS sheets and KCC’s wood pattern lami films.
    Excellent Durability
    It does not suffer moisture-induced deformation nor does it suffer the exfoliation of sheets.
    Excellent Shock Absorption
    It does not suffer damage to the lami film or exfoliation since its shock absorption capacity is better than that of an ordinary wrapping door.

    Door Frame

    PVC Foam Door Frame

    It exhibits better mechanical strength and twist resistance since it consists of a reinforced structure that integrates foam PVC and KCC’s lami films. It comes in various colors and natural wood patterns since it is wrapped with KCC’s lami film. It exhibits excellent workability and deformation and load resistance. It is an eco-friendly product made of renewable materials.

    Adjustable Frame Door

    It has maximized the strengths of PVC

    It comes in various colors and patterns tailored to our customers’ tastes since PVC foam is wrapped with KCC’s lami films. It does not become twisted or warped by moisture.

    Excellent Workability

    It can be easily installed since it can be freely adjusted according to changes in the thickness of interior walls (minimum: 140mm, maximum: 220mm). It minimizes the defects that can be caused by different manufacturing processes during installation since the main door frame and non-main door frame are installed separately.

    It is Easy to Maintain and Repair

    It is easy to maintain and repair since the main door frame can be separately replaced and installed in cases of repair or renovation.