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Introduce KCC Products.


    Powder Coatings

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    KARUMEL is a powder paint developed by KCC, and the first of its kind in South Korea, as part of the development of environmentally friendly paints. In addition, We have also developed insulating paints for electrical insulation using our own technology to supply to industries at home and abroad.


    • No risk of poisoning or fire by solvent.
    • No pollution problems due to air pollution or drainage from painting room.
    • It is easier to store and transport because it is a powder.
    • No wrinkles or bleeding during paint film formation and no need to adjust viscosity.
    • As there is no need for setting after painting, it is possible to shorten the painting work process.
    • Painting is simple.
    • Adhered paint forms a 100% paint film.
    • It is possible to re-use the collected paint.
    • It is possible to get various paint films of 40 ㎛ 50 ㎛ or more at one time according to the painting method.


    Classification Usage
    For buildings Fire door, steel door frame, window frame (AL and steel), wire fence, handrail, draft hole, fan coil box
    Interior/exterior finish Partition, ceiling material, building interior/exterior finish for clean rooms and semiconductor clean rooms
    Home appliances Metal products and interior/exterior finishes and cooking dquipmentequipment, such as washing machine, refrigerator, electronic range; cooler, air-conditioner, lighting fixtures, fan, heaters, vending machine, electric fan, audio case, computer case, etc.
    Vehicles Interior/exterior finish for all parts of vehicles, such as cylinder block, coil spring, wheel, gas cylinder, oil tank, chair frame
    Industrial equipment Guardrail, traffic signs, traffic signal post, subway signboard, street lamp, distribution panel, transformer, computer wattmeter, power transmission and distribution equipment, insulating motor, sound insulation wall, subway PSD
    Metal products Metal furniture and interior products, such as chair, desk, file box, steel basket, etc.
    Heavy-duty Steel pipes such as gas pipe, oil pipe and water pipe, fringes, rebar, valve and steel materials
    Equipment Farm machinery, gardening implements, fire extinguisher, umbrella, parasol, communications equipment, etc.
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    General powder coatings make up the entire market for powder coatings and are classified into epoxy, hybrid (epoxy + polyester), and polyester products. Epoxy products can have their paint film adjusted up to 40~300㎛ by one time painting according to the painting method and are applied to heavy-duty , automotive parts, etc. They also offer excellent adhesiveness and corrosion resistance. Hybrid products are an ideal combination of the advantages of epoxy resin and polyester resin, so the appearance is beautiful and the corrosion resistance and chemical resistance are excellent. They are being applied to home appliances and other industrial equipment and materials. Polyester products have excellent weather resistance and color retainability, so they are being applied to outdoor decorations and heavy-duty farm machinery.

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    Functional powder coatings are products with various functions according to the area of paint application. They include low-temperature hardening types; low-poison types in which raw materials containing heavy metals harmful to the human body are not used; FBE, which is applied to rebars and pipes; insulating powder coatings that impart insulation to cars, home motors, busbars, etc.; high weather resistance powder coatings, which offer excellent weather resistance; antistatic powder coatings, which are applied to semiconductor equipment and clean rooms; and foam preventing powder coatings, which are applied to Al die casting and castings. Especially, acryl transparent paints are being applied to car wheels to ensure an excellent appearance and to secure corrosion resistance.

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    Special pattern powder coatings impart texture to the surface of a general powder paint to stage a classier atmosphere. According to the shape of the pattern, there are the hammer tone, structure, texture, metallic (including bonding)/mica, multi-color and high sparkle products. The hammer tone is being applied to industrial facilities and equipment and building interior and exterior finishing materials, and the structure and texture are being applied mainly to machinery. The metallic (including bonding) and mica are being applied to building materials and interior products. And there are non-clear metallic products that complement the flaws of the existing metal so that the clear may not be used.