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Introduce KCC Products.


    Auto Refinish

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    KCC car repair paints meet our customer's various requirements thanks to their top quality and the optimum workability. Today's demand for car repair paints has increased to equal that for new car paints. In terms of quality, as new car paint film has improved, higher-quality products with easy on-site application are being supplied. In response to the volatile organic compounds (VOC) legal controls that have been implemented recently, our company has been concentrating its efforts to develop environmentally-friendly, water-soluble paints and high- solid paints in which the harmful organic solvents have been minimized.
    KCC Auto Refinishing Site

    Classification by type

    Type Summary
    Putty To correct dents in metal sheet surfaces or scratches of damaged portions, difference in thickness of already-finished paint film, or unevenness. After the putty has dried polish it well use sandpaper to smooth.
    PP (bumper) primer Coating improves attachment of the after-topcoat for PP (polypropylene), which is the main substrate of car bumper.
    Surfacer Suppresses the suction of putty surface to fill shallow scrachesscratches and polishes to smooth the coated surface.
    Colored topcoat Imparts color to a car body in colors of not only solid, metallic and pearl colors but also 3-coat pearl color recently, so color choice is becoming more diverse.
    Transparent Final gloss of the repair coating; controls appearance and properties; recently its weather resistance and scratch resistance has been highlighted.
    Additives Added to major products to improve workability and appearance.

    Color Mix & Matching System (BAROMATCH/SUMIX)



    BAROMATCH SYSTEM and SUMIX SYSTEM are KCC’s ready-mixed system made to match the reality of domestic car repair coatings. Using this system, various car colors can be made on-site by measuring and mixing resins and color mixing agents to the correct mix proportion.



    Dichroism is generated between body color and repair paint color due to many factors, such as car dichroism, paint and coating work. The problem cannot be solved by the car body and paint alone but only through the skill of the worker who matches the car body color through color mixing on-site.



    Economic efficiency: The total stock of ready-mixed paints, according to the increase in car colors, is reduced and waste of rare color paints is prevented.

    Productivity: Productivity is increased as paint supply time is shortened (planned release of cars is possible).

    Customer satisfaction: The customer is satisfied as the quality of work has improved by theoretic and systematic accumulation of the technology of on-site color mixing.