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    Paints for Industry

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    Paints for Industry
    These specialist paints are used on almost all sites of heavy industry, including industrial facilities, bridges and power plants. They are indispensable materials in the prevention of corrosion, maintaining and improving performance in bridges and other steel structures. They are used throughout the infrastructure of a nation, where their importance in all the major facilities has increased greatly over time. KCC’s internationally acclaimed technology in this field has helped to spread the use of Paints for industry throughout the world.

    Steel Bridges [Concrete/Steel Structures]

    Coating specifications applicable to new steel bridges include excellent rust resistance, chemical resistance, saline water resistance and abrasion resistance. The topcoats in the coating system include inorganic zinc, urethane, naturally drying fluorine and ceramic series paints.

    Industrial/Plant Steel Structures

    Used for new/repair coating sites of various industrial/plant sites, they realize excellent rust resistance and durability to ensure the long life of new structures and efficient maintenance and repair.

    Petro chemistry and Chemical Tanks

    Painted on the interior/exterior of chemical tanks manufactured with general steel materials, their high degrees of chemical resistance, rust resistance, water resistance, etc., make the safe storage of various chemicals possible.

    Power Plants

    Paints for high-functioning nuclear power plants, which should have resistance against radioactivity as well as easy radioactivity removal, and other paints for power plants should show only small physical and chemical changes, even if used for a long time, and excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, solvent resistance and saline water resistance. Thus, KCC’s paints have been used at innumerable sites at home and abroad.

    Substations/Transmission Towers

    By applying high weather resistance specifications such as a polysiloxane topcoat to substations and transmission towers, which are not easy to maintain and repair compared with other sites, both efficiency and economic viability can be satisfied.

    Chimney Stacks and High-Temperature/Heat Resistant Portions

    Used on various concrete chimney stacks and steel portions that require heat resistance, they display excellent heat resistance, adhesiveness and long-term durability. Especially, for heat-resistant paints, the painting specifications for heat proofing against specific temperatures are provided, so you can choose the most technically and economically optimum specifications.

    Fireproof Paints

    KCC’s fireproof paint FIREMASK has this country’s best quality and economic viability and is used on steel columns and beams of buildings to prevent their collapse and the spread of fire due to a decrease in the fire resistance of steel. Adiabatic performance is improved through foaming at high temperatures to cut off heat transmission to steel frames.

    Waste Water Treatment Plant

    We recommend paint materials for waste water treatment plants that require excellent chemical resistance and paint suitable for immersed and non-immersed areas.

    Flood Gates and Tidal Gates

    Painting specifications for flood gates and tidal gates that require a high degree of water resistance, abrasion resistance and impact resistance have been applied safely at innumerable sites on the basis of KCC’s excellent technological capabilities.

    Nonferrous Metals

    Painted safely on nonferrous metals, such as aluminum and galvanized steel plates, which are difficult to paint on, our paints display excellent durability and adhesiveness.