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Introduce KCC Products.



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    Applied to the state-of-the-art industrial
    In 1985, KCC became the first in Korea to develop and commercialize EMC, a semiconductor encapsulated. Recently, it has made inroads into the field of displays, LED and solar cell materials, developing and selling competitive products, such as pigment dispersion liquid for color filters, sealants for displays, white compounds for LED, and electrode paste for solar cells, which can be applied to cutting-edge industry.


    EMC is an epoxy-based composite sealing material that protects semi-conductor materials, such as silicone chips, gold wire, and lead frames (or substrate) from heat, moisture, and shock. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in a semi-conductor’s reliability and functionality. It is thanks to KCC’s tireless efforts to develop EMC technology that semi-conductor chips have attained excellent reliability either in normal environments or in extreme environments. EMC is a very important material in the semi-conductor industry.


    KCC’s organic materials for semiconductors include a variety of films, adhesives, under fill, and solder resist ink, and these demonstrate a far better performance than the products of other companies since they have been optimized through a world-class semiconductor manufacturing process and the use of KCC’s accumulated resin-synthesis technology. The organic materials for displays being offered by KCC include pigment dispersion liquid for color filters and UV sealants. KCC has been marketing and selling its products to major electronics manufacturers at home and abroad thanks to the company’s guarantee of high quality and its peerless technological development. In addition, its organic materials for LEDs and solar cells create value and meet customer satisfaction through KCC’s sophisticated technology in conjunction with its precision chemical technology.