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Introduce KCC Products.


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    Our building paints create beautiful, clean and pleasant atmospheres inside and out and serve every purpose: SUPRO, a leading environmentally-friendly brand; UNIPOXY, a flooring material with excellent durability and an elegant appearance; SPORTHANE, a waterproof flooring material with excellent resistance to cracking and perfect for sports facilities; and FIRE MASK, a fire-resistant paint, are just a sample of what we offer.

    "SUPRO" A leading environmentally-friendly brand

    This is an environmentally-friendly product that minimizes the discharge of harmful substances and meets the standards of the Seoul Metropolitan area’s Special Law for the Improvement of the Atmosphere. It prevents the growth of fungi and mildew, and is chemically designed for heat insulation, high weather resistance and stain resistance. By analyzing the latest color trends and adding to our stock of colors, we decorate interior and exterior living spaces, industrial facilities and public facilities to make them more comfortable and beautiful.

    Classification of Products

    Premium Class

    SUPRO Wellbeing (interior): Prevents hairline cracks, is easy to clean, adsorbs harmful substances, and suppresses fungi growth.

    High Class

    SUPRO Silk (interior): Uses a high-class PVA resin to create an elegant appearance, easy application, and thorough coverage.

    SUPRO Ginpum (interior): Prevents "sick house syndrome" as it has formaldehyde adsorption/dissolution functions and does not contain heavy metals or volatile organic compounds (VOC).

    SUPRO Anti-Bacterial (interior): Prevents fungi growth that could occur on concrete, mortar, gypsum board, and other surfaces.

    SUPRO DEW ZERO (interior): For use on walls, such as the inner walls of balconies, to prevent fungi and mildew growth.

    SUPRO POP (low gloss, interior): Gives an elegant finishing touch to any interior.

    SUPRO Neosil-Plus (exterior): Uses a silicon resin to make it weather-resistant, stain-resistant, and water-repellent.

    SUPRO DURASENSE (exterior): Weather-resistant, durable, fungi-resistant finishing paint for apartments or houses.

    SUPRO Water Repellent (exterior): KS1 (Korean Industrial Standards) Class exterior paint that is highly water repellent.

    Diffusion Type

    SUPRO KS1 Class (exterior): Finishing paint for exteriors that meets the KSM6010 Type 1 Class 1 requirements.

    SUPRO SE (exterior): Finishing paint for exteriors that meets the KSM6010 Type 1, Class 1 requirements.

    SUPRO KS1 Class (interior): Finishing paint for interiors that meets the KSM6010 Type 1, Class 1 requirements.

    SUPRO SE (interior): Finishing paint for interiors that meets the KSM6010 Type 2, Class 2 requirements.

    SUPRO GLOSS AQUEOUS (interior): High-gloss finishing paint with an elegant appearance compared to ordinary aqueous paint.

    SUPRO ACRYL: Multi-purpose finishing paint, for use on inner and outer walls, skirting boards, and for graffiti prevention.

    SUPRO STAIN: Aqueous stain for wood with excellent waterproof, antibacterial, insect-resistant and antiseptic performance.

    SUPRO ENAMEL: Water-soluble, environmentally-friendly, low-odor enamel paint for wood.

    SUPRO Elastic Coat: Highly weather-resistant finishing paint for exteriors that prevents fine cracks.

    SUPRO DIY: Environmentally-friendly finishing paint for wallpaper with excellent adhesion.

    SUPRO PUTTY: Environmentally-friendly aqueous putty for crack repair without formaldehyde or heavy metals.

    "UNIPOXY" Uniform, clean, solid

    This epoxy flooring material realizes a beautiful and elegant appearance and maintains strong durability over a long period of time thanks to its excellent physical properties. Used for the floors of underground parking lots, factories, warehouses, etc. it displays excellent impact absorption, vibration isolation, skid prevention, static electricity prevention and chemical resistance.

    Classification of Products


    Unipoxy coating: Available in a solvent / thin film type, it can generate a beautiful appearance that has strong abrasion, chemical and stain resistance.


    Unipoxy lining: Available in a non-solvent / thick film type, this self-leveling flooring material is strong against impacts, environmentally-friendly and the thickness is freely adjustable.

    Functional flooring materials

    Unipoxy resin mortar: Made by mixing epoxy resin and silica sand, this flooring material has outstanding impact resistance and compressive strength that it does not shrink or crack even in an environment of extreme abrasion and impact.

    Unipoxy antistatic: This flooring material prevents malfunctions or damage to computers and semiconductor parts caused by static electricity or electrical discharge. It can be used where electric, electronic, computer and semiconductor parts are often found.

    Unipoxy acid-proof: This flooring material has incredible chemical resistance against sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, NAOH, etc to the extent that it avoids discoloration and flaking. It can be used for the floors of hospital, pharmaceutical companies and chemical factories.

    Unipoxy Embo: With hard and strong embossed patterns, this flooring product has excellent noise abatement and skid prevention. It can be used in underground parking lots, factories, etc.

    "SPORTHANE" High quality, watertight waterproof materials; high-elasticity flooring materials;

    Waterproof materials with excellent elongation and paint film strength and excellent resistance to cracks; and our high-hardness flooring materials are so resistant to elastic forces and comfortable to walk on that they are used in the interior and exterior of general buildings (including steel material) and the floors of parking lots, various warehouses and factories. Our flooring materials for athletic facilities are widely used on athletic tracks, tennis courts, basketball courts, etc. to maintain the optimal condition.

    Classification of Products

    Waterproof Materials

    SPORTHANE KS Class 1 Waterproof Material.

    SPORTHANE Exposed Waterproof Material KS.

    SPORTHANE KS Unexposed Waterproof Material.

    SPORTHANE Vertical Plane Waterproof Material.

    Flooring Materials

    SPORTHANE Thin Film Type Flooring Material.

    SPORTHANE High Hardness Topcoat.

    SPORTHANE Ultrahigh Hardness Topcoat.

    Flooring Materials for Gymnastic Facilities

    Chip Binder System for Multipurpose Ballparks.

    Flooring Materials for Gymnasiums.

    Urethane Chip Binder System.

    Chip Embossing System for Field Tracks.

    Chip Binder System for Field Tracks.

    Flooring Materials for Tennis Courts.

    "FIRE MASK" The best and most economical fire resistant paints to be found in Korea.

    These paints are painted on to the steel frame of columns and beams to prevent the collapse of buildings and the spread of fire. Adiabatic performance is improved through foaming at high temperatures to cut off heat transmission to steel frames. FIREOUT, a flame retardant paint used for finishing the plywood and wood in a building, prevents and delays burning in the early period of fire breakout to prevent the spread of fire.
    ※ Only products whose fire resistance has been certified by the Korea Institute of Construction Technology can be acknowledged as being a fire resistant structure.

    Classification of Products

    Fire Resistant Paints

    SQ-1750 for one-hour use: Certified fire resistant thickness 0.75mm (including basecoat).

    SQ-2900 (beam) for two-hour use: Certified fire resistant thickness 3.65mm (including basecoat).

    SQ-2500 (column) for two-hour use: Certified fire resistant thickness 2.90mm (including basecoat).

    Flame Retardant Paints

    Oily flame retardant paint FIREOUT.

    FIREOUT - Aqueous white color dull.

    FIREOUT - Aqueous transparent color dull.

    "Interior/DIY(Do It Yourself) paints" High-class environmentally-friendly paints that are easy for anyone to use

    As these products have excellent weather resistance and water resistance and excellent adhesion to various substrates, such as steel and wood, anyone can easily and conveniently use these interior finishing paints in any place.

    Classification of Products

    Interior/DIY(Do It Yourself) paints

    Sensemel999/Sensemel Combination: These high-class paints for steel and wood have excellent weather resistance, water resistance and adhesion.

    More Coat All-Purpose Urethane: Environmentally-friendly paints that are usable on various substrates, such as steel and wood materials and tiles.

    NUGUNA (WT2809): Water-soluble paint that comes as a gel, this product can be easily used without bleeding or splattering.

    NUGUNA PASTEL PLUST: Environmentally-friendly oily enamel paint used on wood and steel materials.

    NUGUNA DECO: Usable for the interiors (concrete, mortar) of buildings and foaming wallpaper and silk wallpaper.

    NUGUNA VARNISH (UV404): This finishing material for the wood and floor in buildings has excellent gloss and water resistance.

    Multicolored paints

    MUNILAC (WL864) : This is a special finishing paint for interior decorations that create beautiful multicolored patterns SUPRO Pattern Coat: This is a multicolored paint which is 100% water soluble, has less smell, and expresses.

    a splendidthree-dimensional effect.
    Wall Sense: This is a high-class paint for interior decoration that creates a soft and natural atmosphere by the overlapping and suffusion of special pigments.


    A very fast hardening paint, this high-functional paint can be coated in low-temperature and high-humidity conditions and without a catalyst so as to shorten the construction period and enable quick repair coating. As it has excellent mechanical properties, it can be used as a flooring material for parking lots, factories, etc., and as a waterproofing material for rooftops. It can also be used also for submerged areas, such as water storage tanks and swimming pools.