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Introduce KCC Products.


    Environmental Management

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    KCC is developing environmentally friendly products and core material technology for new renewable energy sources at leading-edge facilities that are themselves environmentally sound.

    KCC is renowned in Korea for being the company with the largest number of environmentally friendly certifications. We display our love for the environment by investing in products to reduce CO2 emissions at our manufacturing sites.

    KCC's Cheonan factory chose to introduce a new combustion system when the Korean Government announced in 2002 that it would revise environmental protections to mandate that every smokestack be equipped with a TMS system that transmits emission data (industrial particles and NOx) to the Environmental Agency on a real-time basis.

    Our oxygen combustion system cuts emissions by 80 percent, consequently reducing environmental pollutants and NOx significantly. It is also highly energy efficient in that it has allowed fuel consumption to be cut by 40 percent.

    a basic

    KCC has created
    an environmentally
    friendly business culture
    the entire company is environment management system certified.
    KCC has developed
    friendly building
    world-class environmentally
    friendly technology
    KCC introduced an energy efficient process
    facilities engineered to improve energy efficiency in manufacturing process